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DFG Forschergruppe FOR 1497
Doctoral Seminar

Seminar for PhD students: Reports on Current Works in the Field of Twin Polymerization

Since the first funding period seminars are being organized regularly for all Ph.D. students and scientists who are working in the field of twin polymerization at the TU Chemnitz (DFG FOR 1497, DFG Research Project, industry projects, MERGE). The interdisciplinary work and the scientific exchange is significantly supported. Also, the Bachelor and Master Students of Chemistry or Physic may participate at the seminar.
The Seminars are organized and scheduled by the central project. Dr. A. Seifert supervises the scientific concern and does the managing.

Next Seminar Appointment: 2 February 2017; 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM
Venue: Room 1/219; Straße der Nationen
Speaker: Benjamin Mielke

Seminar Schedule of Winter Term 2016/2017:

Date Speaker Working Group
03.11.2016 Benjamin Fiedler Theoretical Chemistry
17.11.2016 Loay Elalfy Computer Physics
01.12.2016 Felix Dannenberg Coordination Chemistry
postponed Lydia Wöckel Polymer Chemistry
05.01.2017 Kevin Nagel Polymer Chemistry
postponed Daniel Uhlig Polymer Chemistry
02.02.2017 Benjamin Mielke Coordination Chemistry

Seminar Schedule of Winter Term 2015/16 

WS 2015/16

and Summer Term 2016:

SS 2016

Seminar Schedule of Winter Term 2014/15 

WS 2014/15

and Summer Term 2015:

SS 2015

Seminar Schedule of Winter Term 2013/14 and Summer Term 2014:

WS 2013/14+SS 2014

Seminar Schedule of Winter Term 2012/13 and Summer Term 2013:

WS 2012/13+SS 2013